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Slack and Atlassian integrations make their partnership stronger

Slack and Atlassian integrations make their partnership stronger

It is common to see tech companies partnering up to work on something. Most of the time, they do not go too far beyond releasing a statement to the press and some noncommittal co-selling announcements. Slack and Atlassian keep working on new integrations within their products.

When Atlassian sold their chat services to Slack in 2018, the two companies planned to take Atlassian out of the chat space. Most industry experts did not know what that was about and what it would lead to.

Then, they became quiet for a long time. No one knew what they were working on for sure. It seemed another partnership doomed to obscurity and no payoff. However, the companies finally announced some information about the deep integration work they have been doing within Slack.

A new and easy way to gain access

In the two years that they have been working together, they have shipped out 11 product integrations, which now have a million active users monthly. Jira is the most used integration, followed closely by Halp.

Atlassian acquired Halp earlier this year. Each month, Atlassian sends about 42 million Jira notifications to Slack. The number keeps growing.

The integrations aim to provide users with the ability to get quality unfurls of deep links to Atlassian products available in Slack. It does not matter whether you are in the DM, private or public channels.

New and better features

In the coming days, the unfurls will be a default feature found in Slack, and it won’t matter if the user seeing the link is not using Atlassian.

Currently, if you drop a Jira link in your channel and you aren’t a user, or are a user, but with no authentication, you see the link and nothing else. You cannot unfurl, but not for too long.

So now, Slack will become a passport that allows users access to the Atlassian suite. It will also make it easy for onboarding new users.