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Microsoft makes Lists generally available as an add-on to Teams

Microsoft makes Lists generally available as an add-on to Teams

Microsoft has now made its Microsoft Lists app generally available as an add-on to the popular Teams app. This means that the Lists app, which recently announced a new Build, is available for Microsoft 365. Users will be able to deploy it on Teams.

The Lists app is a team-based tab app that tracks information and is built on the Microsoft Teams platform. It is a clear indication of Microsoft’s bid to make Teams work for people in industries where compliance is a priority.

They include banking, healthcare, and government, among other verticals.

A better spreadsheet

Now that it is generally available, Lists will be accessible to the 75 million active Team users. Microsoft revealed how many people were using the app in their Q3 FY2020 earnings in April.

Teams got a significant boost when remote mass working came into effect. Before that, Microsoft only had 44 million daily active users. They have not yet offered an update to the earlier number, which they could have done during the Q4 FY2020 earnings in July.

With Lists, users get a spreadsheet-like functionality with columns and rows. However, it has tweaks that improve the customization, organization, and collaboration of Teams.

Microsoft hopes it will be useful

Microsoft says that they hope it will enable users to stay ahead of the curve on essential issues that a team has to tackle. The add-on is good enough to be used in tracking assets, loans, routines, patients, contacts, and other functions. It uses a system of smart rules and alerts.

According to Ansuman Acharya, the product manager in the software company’s healthcare division, the vision of this app in Teams is to utilize the lists by bringing modalities to it, to make sure that work is easy to do.

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