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The Android version of the update includes additional features not found on the iOS release.

Microsoft released two updates this week to enhance its popular Teams app on both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The Sept 17th update, Version 2.0.21, added support for Cortana, and today’s update, Version 2.0.22, contains some fixes and improvements to the original release.

Now Microsoft Teams on both mobile platforms will include Cortana, and the Android update will also include additional data and contact management features.

About Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant that Microsoft integrated into the Windows 10 operating system. Cortana was also packaged as a stand-alone app for mobile phones – Microsoft’ competitor with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

The company pulled the Cortana app in January earlier this year, but now Cortana has reappeared as an integrated function for Office 365, of which this latest Teams app release is a part.

Cortana in Microsoft Teams helps the user to send messages, make calls, and join meetings through voice command. These Cortana features are available in both mobile app versions.

Additional features in Android

Some new features are only available in the Android version. For example, Android users can reduce the amount of data Teams uses while the video is on. They can also use Teams to call people in their device’s contacts application. The user is also able to select which number to call if a contact has more than one phone number.

Within the Teams Android app, users have single sign-on access for bots and tools that use their organization credentials. There is also a daily agenda view of upcoming meetings. Users can then join, edit, or share the meetings with contacts.

The updated Microsoft Teams app can be downloaded from the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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