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ServiceNow working with Accenture on enterprise automation

ServiceNow working with Accenture on enterprise automation

Automation company ServiceNow, together with Accenture, has formed a business group to accelerate customers’ digital transformation and workflow processes. In the next five years, the two companies plan to invest millions of dollars in the Accenture ServiceNow Business Group.

In practice, about 8500 ServiceNow export will help Accenture to advise clients, SiliconANGLE writes. The partnership plans to help enterprises reimagine their business operations, reskill employees and become more sustainable, says Accenture CEO Julie Sweet.

Accenture and ServiceNow

Accenture is one of the largest professional services providers and helps enterprises implement new technology initiatives and other projects.

ServiceNow specialises in automating repetitive tasks across multiple platforms. The companies should complement each other well, as Accenture employees can implement ServiceNow’s solutions.

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Speed needed now

“Working together with ServiceNow to automate complex processes and create better experiences across industries,” Sweet said. “We will help organizations deliver greater 360-degree value that benefits all — their customers, people, shareholders, partners and communities.”

“Leaders in every organization know that their 20th century technologies are too slow, too siloed and too stuck in the status quo to meet the dynamic digital demands of employees and customers today,” McDermott, Chief Executive of Service Now said. “Speed, agility and resilience are what’s needed now.”

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