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Freshworks, a company that develops business software, has launched Freshworks CRM. The CRM builds on the company’s existing CRM software but should be clearer and more complete.

The new CRM system is built upon the Freshworks Neo platform. According to TechCrunch, it’s essentially a rebrand of the company’s existing Freshsales system, combined with features of the Freshmarketer tool for automated marketing.

Complete picture of the customer

According to Freshworks, many CRM users become disillusioned by their current CRM system, mainly because of bad data. With Freshworks CRM, the company promises to offer a complete picture of the customer. For this, the software uses data collected by the Neo platform.

Freshworks CRM collects the data and presents it on a dashboard, together with insights based on artificial intelligence. Users can then use this data for decision making and tuning their companies to the needs of customers.

Integration with other services

Other features in Freshworks CRM are Slack integration, the ability to automate tasks and keep in touch with customers via e-mail, telephone, chat, WhatsApp, iMessage and SMS.

Freshworks CRM is available in three main packages, priced at 29, 69 and 125 euros per user per month. You can also order extra features or stripped down packages. Freshworks’ website offers a complete overview of the offerings.

Tip: Freshworks prioritises the customer with Customer Engagement software