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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way consumers behave, causing the traditional method of contact center service to come under scrutiny. It would appear that the future holds something else in store. Salesforce is launching Service Cloud Workforce Engagement to help transition agents into a better system.

The tool will make it easier to predict demand in contact centers, make agents available, and plan capacity needs on all communication channels.

The tools will be shown off at Dreamforce and are a part of Service Cloud Workforce Engagement, which leverages artificial intelligence to forecast demand for customer service and support, and coach agents remotely in real-time.

Automated workforces are the future

Salesforce keenly believes that it can automate workforce management for enterprises using spreadsheets to manage contact centers. During the pandemic, it has been challenging to forecast customer service demand.

Apart from that, agents are increasingly required to work from home. Before this situation, the contact centers were mostly siloes categorized based on a communication channel.

The senior Veep of product management for Salesforce, Melissa Matross, says that the customer service experience has not been smooth as both customers and agents have struggled to solve problems. Matross adds that customers, for the most part (76%), expect to work with just one person to solve an issue.

Coming soon

The challenge comes in because companies tend to have several different systems and manual processes combined with independent teams focusing on one channel. Service Cloud Workforce Engagement will be a great addition to the Service Cloud components, including customer service CRM, field service, and customer communication channels.

Some of the critical components in the suite are:

  • Intelligent dynamic forecasting
  • Omnichannel capacity planning
  • Personalized agent engagement

The entire Service Cloud Workforce Engagement product will be generally available in the first six months of 2021.