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Salesforce has created a variant of its software that customers can run on a cloud provider of their choice. The new product, called Hyperforce, should make the Salesforce software more flexible and accessible more customers.

Traditionally, Salesforce’s software has always run on the company’s own servers. Over the years, the company has moved more and more loads to public cloud providers such as Google, AWS, and Azure.

Revamped architecture

With Hyperforce, Salesforce customers can also make that switch. Salesforce claims that it has completely revamped the architecture of its software to make this possible. The company claims that the advantage that Hyperforce allows for is greater flexibility for customers by letting them pick their own cloud provider. After all, they can now choose for themselves what capacity they need and which provider best suits their needs. It will also make it easier to comply with local data storage laws.

Backwards compatible

The company emphasizes that Hyperforce is completely backwards compatible with existing applications that connect to Salesforce. This means that companies that make the switch do not spend a lot of time rewriting their applications.

Initially, Hyperforce is only available in India and Germany. Salesforce intends to expand this to more countries and regions in the coming year.

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