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IBM and Salesforce are planning to integrate Work.com and IBM Digital Health Pass. The companies aim to help workers verify their health status when at work and in public spaces. The work-from-home arrangements are taking on a more hybrid style of operation, with more employees returning to their offices in some capacity.

The IBM-Salesforce team-up acknowledges that the return-to-work effort will need to have a clear way to track health and vaccination status. That way, organizations can stay safe by only allowing in workers who have been tested and shown to be clean.

The emergence of the platforms

IBM Digital Health Pass was launched in October and uses Blockchain to ensure that the data collected is private. The individuals using the program can store, access, and share health status from their smartphones.

The IBM Digital Health Pass works the same way as a passport, but for the health status of individuals.

It can be used to determine whether to allow people into airports, parks, stadiums, and the like. Salesforce’s Work.com was a runaway hit this year and stood out as a great resource for companies that wanted to manage safety at work. It was used this week to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

The best of both worlds

The partnership will bring the two together, with Salesforce’s Command Center and Digital Health Pass under the same roof, offering customization options for enterprises that will use them. Work.com already has COVID-19 test and vaccination tracking, as well as wellness surveys.

IBM’s platform brings an additional layer of data including the vaccination status and health records of individuals.

With Digital Health Pass, anyone can easily share vaccination records, test results, and temperature records using a mobile wallet that doesn’t expose private information.