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Apple has released an extension for Chrome that allows users who store their passwords in iCloud to use them in Chrome. Windows users will also benefit from this.

The first hints that Apple was working on such an extension came out a few days ago when Apple released the latest version of iCloud for Windows 10. The new version suddenly showed a password feature, but when users tried to interact with it, they received an error message saying the necessary Chrome extension was missing. The download button below the message led to an empty web page. This has since been resolved now that the extension has actually been released.

Synchronization between multiple devices

Users who have installed the extension can access the passwords they have saved in the Safari browser on their iPhone, for example. Conversely, passwords stored in Chrome are then also available on other devices logged into iCloud.

This is not the first browser extension that Apple has created for Google Chrome. The company previously released the iCloud Bookmarks extension, allowing users to sync stored bookmarks between different devices.

As Microsoft Edge is now based on Chromium, the browser also features support for Chrome extensions. This also makes it possible to install the iCloud Passwords extension on Edge as well. The iCloud Passwords extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Tip: Google Chrome will now warn users for weak passwords