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Dubbed Acumatica 2021 R1, the update has new features and updates to existing features on all its unique industry editions.

Jon Roskill, the CEO of Acumatica, notes that the company delivers award-winning usability that is unmatched by its competitors, ensuring that it consistently ranks highest in usability in the industry, because of its modern user interface and flexibility.

As an ERP that’s 100% browser-based, users can look at their data from anywhere, provided they are connected to the internet. Jon added that Acumatica values customer feedback, which is why many improvements are from user suggestions.

New capabilities introduced

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities are included in the new release, which also has mobile image recognition for business cards.

The irony is that the web is the place where there are few opportunities to exchange cards but, the feature is available if you want to use it. You can track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) using dashboards and enjoy the enhanced workflow engine.

To localize even further, Acumatica also added support for the French-Canadian language. Common enhancements include the ability to redirect to external URLs.

Other highlights

Distribution and Commerce Edition highlights include enhanced support or drop-shipping, by scheduling dropship orders more accurately. Third-party eCommerce platforms have also been integrated with support for Shopify POS Pro for customers that have an online and brick store.

In addition to these highlights, there are a lot more updates to help users do things like flag at-risk orders to Acumatica.

Manufacturing highlights include expanded integration with the Arena Product Lifecycle management solution. Construction and Field Services now have enhanced Procore integration. This is only a succinct sum-up of what’s new in 2021 R1. Check out more here.