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Salesforce has announced the latest version of Sales Cloud. The update includes a host of new features to support salespeople in a post-coronavirus world.

Research from Salesforce shows that a large majority of salespeople believe that the outbreak of Covid-19 has changed their jobs considerably. More than half of these people also think they will travel less frequently after the pandemic. They also expect to work less at the office in the long term.

Sales through video meetings

To respond to these trends, Salesforce has added several new features to its Sales Cloud software. One of these functions is Salesforce Meetings. This is a tool for conducting virtual meetings. Salespeople get direct access to an overview of the information of the participants, such as account history, open service cases and profiles. To help salespeople learn how to sell virtually, Salesforce has also developed the learning platform myTrailhead.

AI tools

Sales managers also get more features to keep track of their sales reps’ performance. Pipeline Inspection provides an AI-based overview of which deals still require support or coaching. Einstein Conversation Insights looks for trends such as keywords and product names in video call transcripts. Managers can then take advantage of this.

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Salespeople themselves will also have access to some new AI features. Tableau Business Science automatically provides insights and predictions on which sales teams can base their decisions. Einstein Opportunity Scoring assesses how successful changes to the sales process can be.


Salesforce Meetings, Einstein Conversation Insights and Einstein Opportunity Scoring for All are available immediately. Tableau Business Science will also be released later this month. Pipeline Inspection should be out this summer.

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