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Even engineering teams can get screen sharing and editing functionality. Remote collaboration has come a long way in the last year, but now even for developers there is a collaboration IDE tool.

Tools like Visual Studio Live Share emerged and startups like CodeSandbox and Replit raised money to develop their browser-based collaboration tools and platforms. Even with this wide acceptance and use of cloud-based IDEs (integrated development environments), collaboration goes beyond coding. Last April CoScreen called itself the ‘deep collaboration’ platform.


Primarily for engineering teams, CoScreen brings impressive screen sharing, editing, and communication tools. The company is based in Menlo Park, California, and officially launched on Thursday with $4.6 million in funding from institutions and angel investors. They include GitHub CTO Jason Warner, former Mozilla CEO and now VC John Lilly, Unusual Ventures, and Kaggle’s CEO Anthony Goldbloom.

CoScreen co-founder and CEO Till Pieper said that the company believes the IDEs will become increasingly important in developer toolchains, adding that developers still need to collaborate on more than just code.

How it works

CoScreen works by enabling multiple team members to share and edit specific app windows simultaneously on a shared workspace, removing the need to share the whole screen. That means confidential or sensitive information from one screen can be kept private from the other collaborator.

CoScreen combines the real-time functionalities found in Google Docs and the video and screen-share features of Zoom, with enhancements.

Pieper asserted that there is no one with a product that enables multiple team members to share apps and retain that level of control. More features will be released with time.