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The company is launching a new version of Edge on the Canary channel on Android.

Microsoft is making a version of its new Edge browser available to testers in the Canary channel on Android. What’s special about this browser, however, is that it shares the same core as new Edge for PCs.

Microsoft has also recently changed the logo of Edge on iOS and Android to harmonize it with the Edge brand on other platforms. But the truth was that the Edge browser on iOS and Android was not the same as the one on PCs.

Microsoft have announced that they want to make the new Edge a truly cross-platform browser. That is, a single browser that uses the same core codebase across all platforms. At the company’s Ignite virtual event last month, bigwigs from Redmond presented plans to improve their own engineering processes. These improvements, according to the Microsoft execs, included getting Edge to run on the same codebase everywhere.

To be clear, Microsoft doesn’t plan to replicate every desktop feature on mobile. But they do want to share features with the desktop Edge.

Android users interested in testing the new new Edge in Canary (meaning updated daily) can download it from the Google Play Store here.

Edge isn’t the only Microsoft product where engineering teams are working to unify code bases. Microsoft is doing something similar with email and “One Outlook.”