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ServiceNow has acquired the database performance company, Swarm64, to boost its ability to scale digital workflows. Swarm64 operates out of Berlin and will give ServiceNow a database model combining analytics and transactional database functionality.

ServiceNow said that the move will serve its users, who can use Swarm64 to speed up data sources querying.

Sswarm64 creates three core products that include Swarm64 Database Accelerator, PG Nitrous, a PostgreSQL cloud database, and performance engineering support for PostgreSQL. There is a free tier at the lowest end and monthly fees charged per core per month.

Swarm64 is ServiceNow’s road to open-source involvement

In 2021, ServiceNow has acquired some companies to bolster its business. Senior Veep of platform engineering at ServiceNow, Joe Davis, said in a blog post that customers have seen massive data volume growth as companies transition to more modern technologies and methods of operation.

Swarm64 has a hybrid database that does not require the users/enterprises to handle the data transactions and layer and integrate the analytic tools needed to make sense of the data.

The acquisition offers ServiceNow the opportunity to gain more ground in the open-source space. Swarm64 was founded in 2013 to speed up PostgreSQL workloads and performance.

Engineering boosted

With this acquisition, ServiceNow gains engineering talent, which will strengthen its standing in the open-source market.

The acquisition is set to close in the third quarter. At present, the terms of the deal are still under wraps.

This year, ServiceNow saw a better than expected second quarter, raising the outlook that the third quarter will perform well. It reported second-quarter revenue was $1.41 billion, up 27% from a year ago. The acquisitions it is making will help it get an even bigger foothold in the markets it wants to be in.