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The new release is called Rome and promises to help companies “thrive in the new world of hybrid work”.

ServiceNow announced the Now Platform Rome release. This latest version of the Now Platform seeks to empower organizations to adapt to the hybrid work era, the company says. It will help manage evolving business models, the employee fatigue crisis, while scaling automation and app development across the enterprise.

“ServiceNow helps organizations across industries and geographies meet the challenges and opportunities of a new world of work,” the company says. The Now Platform Rome release gives organizations the tools they need to quickly create agile work environments, they say. They also promise to deliver “compelling customer and employee experiences, and accelerate innovation, so they can thrive in a new economy.”

Reducing employee fatigue and accelerating AI-driven automation

The Now Platform Rome release provides new employee‑focused solutions delivered via a unified employee experience platform. For example, Employee Center provides a single, connected interface. This helps employees to easily find personalized information, complete tasks, get help and request services across departments. And they can access this information all in one place.

There is also a feature called Employee Journey Management. This guides employees through the moments that matter with “connected experiences for cross‑departmental journeys,” according to ServiceNow. These journeys include onboarding, work transitions, and offboarding. It also empowers HR teams and managers to personalize resources, plans, and needs – all on the same platform.

With the Now Platform Rome release, ServiceNow brings new AI and automation capabilities. For example, Automation Discovery identifies the top ten opportunities for automating work from more than 180 topics with ServiceNow applications. These include Virtual Agent, Auto Routing, and Agent Assist.

Health Log Analytics Enhancements is a feature that helps detect issues before they occur and impact users. It also automates issue resolution, by using ITOM Predictive AIOps. This extends ServiceNow ITOM Predictive AIOps and is built on Loom Systems’ innovative technology.

Chirantan “CJ” Desai, chief product and engineering officer at ServiceNow, hailed the Rome release. “Our customers need digital platforms that enable seamless, compelling employee and customer experiences in any environment,” he said. a

“With our latest release, ServiceNow is workflowing solutions to help businesses navigate work moments that matter in a new economy.”

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