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Oracle announced a new product within its Oracle Advertising and CX suite that marketers can use to execute ad campaigns for the generation of highly qualified sales opportunities. The new product is named Oracle Fusion Marketing.

Marketers can leverage it for campaigns that encompass both advertising and marketing channels. The secret of this new tool is automation, which helps to bypass the lead qualification process by using artificial intelligence to assess leads automatically, predict when potential buyers are ready to do business, and generate qualified sales opportunities within any CRM (customer relationship management) system.

An improvement on CRM

Oracle says that CRM systems cause frustration for marketers and sellers because workflows aren’t connected, admins are too involved, and siloed data prevent sales and marketing teams from collaborating in customer engagement.

As the business-to-business buying process grows in complexity, taking place in more digital channels, that learning curve gets steeper.

Oracle says that Fusion Marketing will remove most of the complexity from the equation, adding that it is a type of campaign orchestration engine that simplifies the creation and execution of campaigns and accelerates delivery times by automating the lead generation process.

What the platform promises to do

The platform, Oracle says, will make it possible to design and orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels in a short time.

One of the best features is AI which recommends the best reference story to each target lead, based on the product and the industry, ensuring that the reference story is consistent within emails, in ad creative, and on microsites.

Oracle Fusion Marketing can aggregate interest shown by individual contacts within the same account to create an account level score that reflects the quality of the opportunity better.