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MacBook Pro will get a higher resolution-MacRumors

MacBook Pro will get a higher resolution-MacRumors

Apple macOS Monterey’s seventh beta appears to contain references that indicate the MacBook Pro line may be getting new screen resolutions, according to a discovery by MacRumors. In a list of supported graphics within macOS, two new resolution configurations have appeared.

They are 3,456 x 2,234 and 3,024 x 1,964, with each carrying a Retina marker, which Apple usually only applies to screens made for its devices.

The aspect ratio of the new resolutions is close to the current aspect ratios on the MacBook Pro computers in the market today but are lower than what the iMac line is sporting, indicating that they are not for the iPhone maker’s desktops.

What to expect

The numbers also seem to fit in well with the launch of macOS Monterey, which should happen this fall, alongside the new MacBook Pro models with the custom-designed Apple silicon.

These new devices should be faster than previous models because they will feature the successor of the lauded M1 chip, found in low-end Macs and the most recent iteration of the iPad Pro.  

If Bloomberg and other media outlets are to be believed, the new laptops will also include Mini LED displays, providing better contrast than current Mac laptops display technology.

Significant changes expected

The new laptops may also have additional ports that include SD and HDMI slots. The devices plan to drop the Touch bar  (some users prefer it, even though it gets its fair share of hate) to reinstate physical function keys.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro will reportedly have reduced bezels, making it a 14-inch MacBook Pro. We have seen this before, with the 15-inch MacBook Pro succeeded by a 16-inch model a couple of years ago.

The resolution changes, if true, join a slew of other likely changes that will see the MacBook Pro redesigned significantly since the first Touch Bar models hit the market in 2016.