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On Wednesday, Oracle announced the rollout of its new HCM tool intended to aid organizations in verifying and tracking the vaccine status of their workforce. The ‘Vaccination at Work’ Journey arrives as employers the world over race to transform amidst an ongoing pandemic and regulatory requirements put in place as a result of COVID-19.

Oracle launched the first ‘journeys’ (a word that describes personalized digital HR experiences for employees) about half a year ago. Included in the release was a pre-prepared ‘Return to the Workplace’ journey.

The new release builds on that, highlighting the rapid changes in employee experiences and human resource obligations.

Responding to the vaccine mandates

In the US, businesses are bracing for a new rule from the Biden administration that requires all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or requires unvaccinated workers to test negative every week before coming to work.

 Nancy Estell Zoder, the Veep of global product strategy for Oracle Cloud HCM says that the company knows time is of the essence, noting that what may have been applicable a couple of months ago has changed.

Zoder added that Oracle has been able to adjust to the evolution by providing the most current and updated journey for employees to manage their new needs.

Human resource burdens eased

HR teams can use the new Vaccination at Work journey to track and verify the vaccine status of employees following local regulations. It also allows HR leaders to guide managers regarding engagement with employees who do not plan to vaccinate.

HR leaders can update the journey without IT teams to account for new requirements or policies, including incentives for vaccinated employees.

In addition, HR can use Oracle Cloud HCM Analytics to examine workforce data and have all pertinent information ready to go at any moment.