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Google will soon present a Gmail interface for business users. The new layout integrates various Google Workspace apps into the message screen, including Google Chats, Google Spaces and Google Meet.

Starting next week, the tech giant will offer business users a new Gmail interface. The new UI features integrations with collaboration tools Google Spaces, Google Chat and Google Meet. The apps are accessible through proprietary buttons on the left side of the Gmail screen. Google evidently wants to motivate users to leverage a broader range of Google tools.

From optional to standard

Google is taking its time for the update’s deployment. From February 8, the new layout will be made available for business users via a prompt. For now, the new look is optional: users are free to stick to the current interface.

Users who have not made the switch in April will receive another prompt. From that moment, Google is standardizing the layout. The legacy interface will remain available as a custom setting. Starting in Q2 2022, the setting disappears, making the new interface the sole option.

Business licenses only

The new layout will apply to business users with a range of Google Workspace Business licenses. You can view the eligible licenses in the ‘Availability’ section of this news page. Users with a Workspace Essentials account cannot use the new Gmail interface at this time.