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Microsoft 365 web apps will soon store multiple accounts. The frustration of repeatedly logging in and out becomes a thing of the past.

The browser versions of Microsoft 365 apps remember a single account. When switching accounts, you’re forced to manually log in and out. The upcoming update introduces a drop-down menu of saved accounts, allowing you to switch with a single click.

Microsoft shared the news via the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The roadmap provides an estimate of the release date. Although Microsoft is aiming for April, the actual timing may vary.

Limited but welcome

The update is aimed at two audiences: Microsoft 365 users with multiple private or work accounts, and users who share devices with multiple people. They’re automatically logged into web apps with the Microsoft account most recently used in a browser.

That could be a roommate’s account — or the account used at the office, which you might want to avoid from the home PC. It takes a while to get logged in and out. The authentication of Microsoft 365 web apps is secure, but far from fast. If you find yourself switching accounts one, two or ten times a day, the update is worth the wait.

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