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Zendesk announced a series of new solutions at Relate, its annual conference. Reporting tools were expanded and chatbots support WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Zendesk focuses on two areas: employee experience and conversational CRM. Employee experience revolves around HR and IT support. A new solution should speed up the workflows of internal support staff. Conversational CRM revolves around customer contact. New tools allow organizations to develop chatbots and automatically forward customer requests.

Each introduction, which we’ll cover down the line, is made available on the Zendesk Sunshine platform. This platform is modular, unlike Zendesk’s software-as-a-service solutions for customer service and sales. Users of the Sunshine platform personally select the features they will or will not be working with. The result is a customized solution for CRM and sales.

New at Zendesk

First, Zendesk launches ‘Conversational Automation’. The module allows organizations to extend chatbots to messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In addition, the module contains tools for developing and training new chatbots. Templates for common customer conversations speed up the development process.

Secondly, Zendesk introduces ‘Omnichannel routing’. The module makes it possible to forward customer questions from various channels to the right employees.

Thirdly, existing reporting tools have been expanded. Large data volumes can be scanned for trends. For example, to identify busy periods and timely adjust staff planning.

Finally, Zendesk is launching a new offering for internal support teams like IT and HR. The ‘Internal Helpdesk‘ brings Zendesk’s AI and automation to internal support. A ticket system centralizes all support questions in one location. Automatic responses and chatbots reduce the time spent by support staff. A content system makes it possible to highlight important documents. Reporting tools shed light on staff shortages and performance.

Tip: ‘Zendesk is considering a sale’