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Pegasystems’ software will soon be available on Google Cloud. In addition, the organisation is acquiring Everflow, a process mining software developer based in Brazil.

Pegasystems shared the news at PegaWorld iNspire, its annual conference. The organisation develops AI software for low-code development, CRM and communication.

Pega’s solutions are suitable for on-premises and private clouds. Public cloud is possible, but the options are limited. AWS has been the sole choice for quite some time. That’s about to change.

Pegasystems and Google Cloud

Pegasystems and Google Cloud are going to collaborate. The Pega Infinity portfolio will soon be available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This portfolio consists of solutions for low-code development, CRM and communication.

The infrastructure of customers is managed by Pegasystems. Apps are guaranteed to be available. In addition, Google Cloud and Pegasystems will help customers migrate from on-premises to the cloud.

Not all Pega Infinity solutions are available immediately. The first batch will be offered to customers in the Americas before the end of this quarter (Q2 2022). Over the next two years, the solutions and regions will expand gradually.

Pegasystems and Everflow

Furthermore, Pegasystems announced the acquisition of Everflow. The Brazilian company develops process mining software. By acquiring Everflow, Pegasystems enters an important market. Process mining is growing at a rapid pace.

Process mining software allows users to find inefficient workflows and processes. The technology not only reviews tangible processes such as project management, but abstract workflows as well, like data transfers between two systems.

In an optimal world, any inefficiency is exposed. In reality, process mining is hindered by two challenges. Process mining software can be quite complex. Relatively few consultants have the required expertise. In addition, process mining does not solve inefficiencies on its own. Organizations find room for improvement, but don’t benefit immediately.

Everflow’s software tackles both challenges. First, the solution is relatively user-friendly. Second, Everflow suggests improvements for inefficiencies.

Everflow in Pega Process AI

Like any other process mining solution, the software relies on data. Inefficiencies are impossible to find when a solution is blind to processes. That’s exactly why Pegasystems is acquiring Everflow. Pegasystems processes a wealth of data for existing customers. Their data can be directly integrated into Everflow.

In the coming months, Pegasystems will be integrating Everflow into Pega Process AI, an existing solution for optimizing processes. Everflow’s technology will be available as an add-on for Pega Process AI customers from the fourth quarter of 2022 onwards.

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