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Microsoft is shaking up its Beta Channel. Windows Insiders are split into two new groups.

One of the groups receives new features that are turned off by default. The other group receives new features that are turned on by default. Prior to the split, all features were turned on by default. The split allows Microsoft to test updates that are turned off by default. That’s how Microsoft wants to push future live releases.

The groups

Testers are automatically assigned to one of either groups. The first group receives Build 22622.xxx, which enables new features by default. The second group receives Build 22621.xxx, which disabled new features by default. Users in the second group can manually opt to transfer to the first group.

In terms of the content, the latest features suggest actions like starting a phone call or creating a calender event. OneDrive will now generate storage alerts and Windows 11 subscriptions are manageable. Furthermore, Microsoft pushed several bug fixes to File Explorer, SMB, PowerShell and TLS 1.3. Only users in the US and Canada are eligible at this time.

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