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Cegeka acquires Avento, expands Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering

Cegeka acquires Avento, expands Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering

Cegeka announced the acquisition of Avento, a Belgian developer of Microsoft Dynamics 365-based CRM solutions. Avento will strengthen Cegeka’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering.

Cegeka is an IT service provider in the broadest sense of the word. The organization was founded in Belgium in 1982 and expanded rapidly in the European market over the years.

Cegeka acquired the consultancy branch of KPN in 2019. The Netherlands’ SecurIT followed in 2021. Earlier this year, the organization bought a majority stake in data company Solver Sweden. The latest acquisition is Avento, a Belgian customer relationship management (CRM) firm.

Avento and Cegeka

Avento develops a CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Resco Mobile CRM. Field managers use the system to remotely work with a back office. Cegeka has a CRM offering of its own. The organization provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 services.

Cegeka acquires Avento to strengthen its offering. Financial details are unknown. As a privately owned company, Cegeka is not required to disclose acquisition details.

Avento CEO Tom Moortgat sees the acquisition as a growth opportunity. “We can further develop our expertise within the framework of a large European organization that promotes the same standards and values as Avento”, he said.

In the broadest sense

Avento will be integrated into Cegeka Business Solutions, the department that services Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. Business Solutions are a fraction of the entire organization. Cegeka is active in cybersecurity, iPaaS, development, ERP, analytics and robotic process automation, among other areas.

Cegeka gained a majority stake in Citymesh in 2020. Two years later, Citymesh secured several frequency bands during Belgium’s 5G auction. Cegeka became one of the country’s few 5G service providers.

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