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Microsoft announces Mobile Network Protection for Defender

Microsoft announces Mobile Network Protection for Defender

The solution is now generally available for both iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft has announced that its Mobile Network Protection feature is now generally available for Android and iOS devices running Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoint (MDE) enterprise endpoint security platform.

The Mobile Network Protection feature in Defender for Endpoint “helps organizations identify, assess, and remediate endpoint weaknesses with the help of threat intelligence”, according to Microsoft. In their announcement, the company confirmed that users can now benefit from this new feature on both Android and iOS platforms with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

The benefits

Microsoft says the Mobile Network Protection feature will provide users with the following benefits:

  • Protection against rogue Wi-Fi-related threats and rogue hardware like pineapple devices
  • Protection against malicious certificates that are installed or downloaded on Android
  • Notifications when a Wi-Fi-related threat is detected
  • An in-app guided experience to connect to secure networks
  • Remediation options to change networks when a network is determined as suspicious
  • A medium-priority alert when a suspicious network is detected, and an informational alert when an open network is detected 

Mobile Network Protection is enabled by default on enrolled mobile devices. Microsoft also provided detailed info on how to configure it on Android and iOS devices using the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin center.

The management center allows admins to enable and disable features such as Network Protection, trust flow for allow-listing certificates on Android, open network detection and open network alerts, trusted access points for end users, trust certificates for end users and privacy controls for end users.

“Microsoft strongly recommends enabling location permissions on Android devices”, the company added. “This setting can help protect against network-related threats. Microsoft does not collect location information from users.”

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