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Zoho updated its customer service platform with new tooling for Zoho Desk. The tools should help customer service teams provide better service.

One of the additions is Blended Conversations, a set of features that allows customer service agents to delegate manual and transactional tasks to bots while remaining in control of overall customer service.

The automation layer helps companies improve conversational services without external tools, increasing agent productivity and maintaining quality.

Zoho Desk Blended Conversations

Blended Conversations is an amalgamation of two other services for Zoho Desk: the Zoho Instant Messaging (IM) Framework and Guided Conversations.

Zoho Instant Messaging (IM) Framework helps businesses integrate well-known messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, WeChat, Messenger and Instagram. Guided Conversations, a low-code tool for developing self-service experiences, helps employees build self-service flows.

These flows should improve the ‘customer journey’ and allow customers to quickly and securely manage their relationships with companies.

The tooling also offers customer teams greater collaboration and integration with Zoho’s other marketing applications, including CX suite Zoho CRM Plus.

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