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Zoho announced plans to further invest in the Dutch market during the local Zoholics Netherlands event. The company posted year-over-year revenue growth of 40 percent and sees the expansion of its team in the Netherlands as a way to accelerate that growth.

The acceleration is part of what Zoho refers to as its Transnational Localism strategy. This program takes self-sustaining local communities and economies as its starting point. To that end, the company is putting together local teams led by an experienced Zoho employee with local expertise. The teams aim to optimally support local communities.

European headquarters in Utrecht

There seems to have been some shift in this strategy in recent years. The CRM software provider has now been around for some 26 years. In 2019, it took a big step into the Netherlands by opening a European headquarters in the city of Utrecht. In 2021, the company stepped up the pace of growth significantly from its headquarters.

“The Netherlands and Benelux remain strategic core markets for us. There is a wealth of undiscovered growth potential. Despite the challenging economic climate, we are stepping up our investments in the region. We are well positioned to absorb setbacks and meet challenges”, said Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director at Zoho Europe.

The additional investment includes targeting specific regions in the Netherlands. Zoho wants to support the growth of underdeveloped areas and improve local digital skills. To this end, it’s seeking partnerships with schools like Fontys. The company will collaborate with the college to host a lesson on Zoho CRM Plus. Students gain practical experience and learn digital skills they can use in their careers.


While expanding local teams and supporting communities are central to the growth strategy, the partner network should not be forgotten. The partner network plays a key role in the Benelux growth strategy, helping to deliver customizations and implementations, and ensuring sales of Zoho software. Last year, Zoho launched an online training program to support local partners, allowing them to gain the knowledge and skills to optimally support customers.

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