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Google is developing a feature that will allow you to deactivate or enable Chrome extensions per site.

The Chrome Web Store includes numerous extensions, but there is a catch: certain extensions might cause website issues, and some sites do not allow certain extensions to run.

Chrome currently only allows you to deactivate extensions across all websites via the browser’s preferences. It does not enable you to manage extensions on a per-site basis. 

However, as Reddit user Leopeva64-2 discovered, that could change soon. Google is working on a new feature allowing users to select whether extensions are enabled or disabled for a particular site.

Replacing existing settings

The functionality is only accessible via the extension menu, and it’s currently impossible to modify extension permissions on a site-by-site basis via the settings page.

As part of the feature update, Google will also allow you to use the revamped extensions menu to activate or disable individual extensions for an individual web page.

While you can indicate where you want an extension to work by going to its settings, the update brings a more convenient way to deploy a custom extension list to a site.

Release date unknown

It’s worth mentioning that Chrome’s new extensions menu is still in the works and may not be available for some time.

Users who tried to test the new feature in Chrome Beta found it wasn’t working. Google may have published it as an A/B test.

The new feature follows on the heels of several important updates to the browser since it hit version 100, including energy and memory saver modes, as well as significant CPU usage reduction.