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Microsoft has unveiled a number of new applications for the HoloLens to make the augmented reality headset more useful for companies. These are applications within the Dynamics 365 software, which are called Dynamics 365 Layout and Dynamics 365 Remote Assistant.

The purpose of both of the new applications that Microsoft has unveiled is to help employees connect to colleagues in other locations. Microsoft itself states in a blog that this is done on the basis of feedback from customers. Since the HoloLens was released two years ago, the company would have received a lot of positive feedback.

Convenient applications

With the two new applications, Microsoft is responding to a widely accepted need. AR glasses are useful, but especially if they have really good applications in the work environment. Remote Assistant makes it possible for people who work on location, for example, to ask for feedback from colleagues in the office.

Employees who carry a HoloLens with them and are not sure how to repair something, for example, can call a colleague and ask him or her to take a look. Then the person on the other side of the line sees exactly the same as the employee on location. In this way, it is easy to provide guidance in carrying out the necessary work. If desired, certain objects in the image can even be circled and provided with the necessary instructions.

Dynamics 365 Layout responds to an entirely different need. Within this service, a designer can create a 3D model of, for example, a shop layout, or a building. This can be made in CAD software and viewed in 3D via the HoloLens. It is possible to make changes on the spot. It is nice that the software also automatically implements the changes in the CAD drawing.

Microsoft is coming up with these new applications because it has looked with customers at ways that would save time, money and energy by using the HoloLens. Companies like Chevron, Ford and ThyssenKrupp Elevators are already using it.

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