Snom comes up with a whole new user interface

Snom comes up with a whole new user interface

Snom launches a completely new interface for its hardware portfolio. It is version 10 and a complete redesign of the user interface. There are also some new features in Snom version 10, which make it easier to set up conference calls.

That’s what the UC Today site writes on the basis of an interview with Snom’s marketing manager Jason Green. According to Green, Snom’s new design is a way to adapt the firmware to new products, especially those equipped with a new sensor. Above all, Snom has completely redesigned the visual side of its software.

Enhanced interface

We’ve improved the user interface with more icons and reduced the number of steps required to set up a conference call,” says Green. The new interface should make Snom’s business tools much easier to use and is designed with the end user in mind. He often has no choice when it comes to the hardware that his company supplies, so Snom wants to deliver products that are as user-friendly as possible.

That is why the company introduces Snom QuickLookUp. It allows users to easily look up and call other employees. It’s very easy to do these things on your smartphone, so it shouldn’t be difficult on your business device either,” says Green about this feature.

Using Sensors

Also new in version 10 are the Snom SmartLabels. This functionality makes it possible for the user to display the functions of buttons in different ways. Users can choose to have them fill the entire screen or, in short mode, place them as icons on the side of the screen.

Finally, the software makes better use of the possibilities of sensors in Snom products. For example, the Snom D735 handset now has a built-in light sensor. With version 10, this sensor allows the phone to detect not only motion but also ambient light and adjust its screen brightness accordingly.

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