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Videoconferencingapp Zoom reached more than three hundred million daily users according to CEO Eric Yuan. For Zoom this is all-time high and fifty percent more users since the beginning of this month. At the same time, yet another security breach was discovered.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, video conferencing apps such as Zoom have seen their user numbers increase considerably. Microsoft Teams got quite a few more users, Zoom possibly even more. Before the Corona crisis, the number of daily users hovered around ten million, at the beginning of April that number was already 200 million. In just four weeks, that number has increased even further to fifty percent.

Not only is the amount of daily users rising, but the number of security problems has also grown rapidly. Earlier this month, CEO Eric Yuan announced that in the following ninety days the focus would be on rolling out updates to prevent these security- and privacy problems. The newest Zoom 5.0 should be a step in the right direction. The highly anticipated new version will include improved encryption (but not yet the promised end-to-end) and the addition of features such as the default activation of the password function on a call.

Despite the extra measures, a new vulnerability was discovered in Zoom on Wednesday. Malware on the system of the host or one of the participants can record Zoom-meetings unnoticed, even if the host of the call did not give permission. According to Morphisec Technologies, this would still be possible on the current version of the app. Whether Zoom 5.0 is also sensitive to this exploit remains to be seen. The cybersecurity firm informed Zoom about the vulnerability.