Zoom is planning to compete in the email and calendar market

Zoom is planning to compete in the email and calendar market

Zoom wants to create competition in the productivity market, where Google and Microsoft stand out as the big players. According to some sources, Zoom is developing its own web-based email service and may launch a calendar too.

The information is still scanty about the calendar. However, there are details regarding Zoom’s ambitions to compete with Gmail and Outlook.

Zoom wants to launch its first version of the email service in early 2021 to give users a next-generation experience. It is not exactly clear how the offering will be different from traditional email services so we will just have to wait and see.

Bringing competition

There are other existing examples of the same services out there, trying to put a new spin to the traditional email offering we are used to. Take Spike, for instance, it replaced the inbox with a WhatApp-looking interface where the emails are displayed like chat messages.

The sources divulging the information about Zoom warned that the company could still decide to scrap the whole thing.

However, if the company can make its way into the market with a truly next-gen email format, then it would be a big win. If the company makes it into the market with email and a calendar, it could create serious competition for Microsoft and Google.

A growing bottom line and expanding portfolio

Bringing more products to the market could help Zoom position itself better and sustain the impressive growth it posted this year. The company’s sales more than tripled in the last quarter, bringing in $777 million. The projection from the company is that revenue could be as high as $2.58 billion in the 2021 fiscal year.

Zoom is in the process of expanding its portfolio to create new revenue sources. In October, the company introduced OnZoom, a platform that hosts online events, currently available for free to paying Zoom users.

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