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Atlassian’s project management and collaboration tool now lets users view work from other apps.

Trello this week launched what is likely one of its most important updates in recent years. The company, which delivers a Kanban board-centric project management tool, was acquired by Atlassian in 2017.

Trello now boasts more than than 50 million users and is one of the most popular project management tools on the market. Many credit Trello with having brought digital Kanban boards to the mainstream.

With this week’s release, the Trello team is adding many new board views and new capabilities to the individual cards that make up those views. The major focus of this week’s release seems to be on bringing more data from third-party tools right into those cards.

COVID pandemic drives the need for remote collaboration

Michael Pryor, Trello’s co-founder and now Atlassian’s head of Trello, detailed the release in a blog post this week. “”We are building for an entirely new era of teamwork—where people live in different locations, but work stays connected. This is the beginning of a whole new Trello,” he asserts.

“We’re rolling out new ways to visualize your data on a Trello board: as a dashboard, a timeline, a table, and more. With these new views, you can better visualize the work to be done, who needs to do it, and which tasks are at risk. You’ll gain insight to manage both the project at large and the tasks at hand.”

“Cards Can Now Be So Much More”

The new Trello adds more ways to see data from other tools natively inside the service, without having to switch tools. What Trello is doing with its new cards, is perhaps the most important feature in the new release. The Trello team has added over 30 new card types. With these new types of cards, users can add a URL that links to YouTube, Google Drive, Figma, JIRA or even other Trello boards. They can then see previews of what they linked to right inside of Trello.