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ServiceNow has made its integration of workflows into Microsoft Teams generally available to its customers. The company announced the feature last September but only had a beta version at the time.

ZDNet writes that the integration of workflows into Microsoft Teams is available immediately to users who are on the Paris release or a newer version of ServiceNow.

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Improved communication between service agents and employees

ServiceNow presents the feature as a way for HR and IT teams using ServiceNow to resolve issues directly through Teams. Users can submit requests through Microsoft Teams and receive updates on their outstanding requests within the same software and take action accordingly. Service agents will also be able to use Teams to collaborate with each other.

One of the new features is called Chat-to-Call. This allows service agents to invite an employee for a Teams call directly from a live chat. The use of techniques such as video calling and screen sharing can contribute to the swift resolution of problems.

Major Incident Management allows multiple teams to come together quickly to resolve issues at the enterprise level. This includes Meeting Extensions, which allow agents to share important information from the Now Platform directly into a Teams meeting.


ServiceNow announced the integration of workflows into Microsoft Teams in September 2020. The company promised that the integration would improve employee productivity and accelerate collaboration between employees and service agents. ServiceNow released the solutions in beta at the time, but they are now widely available.

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