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The negotiations between social medium Discord and Microsoft about a possible acquisition are at an advanced stage. The company is said to have no other potential buyers in mind. There is talk of a takeover sum of more than 10 billion dollars.

The Wall Street Journal writes this based on its own sources. If the negotiations are successful, a deal could follow as early as next month. This gives the rumours of an acquisition of Discord more weight.

Microsoft the only candidate left

A few days ago, the first rumours surfaced that Discord considered putting its company up for sale. Several companies were being considered, such as Twitter, Amazon and Google. However, Microsoft seemed to be the biggest contender. If the takeover did not go ahead, the company would also consider an IPO. Now it seems that only Microsoft has a chance of acquiring the company, although the IPO is still an option if the negotiations do not succeed. Discord is said to be aiming for an amount of more than 10 billion dollars.

Logical step

For Microsoft, a takeover of Discord would be a logical step. The large and business-centred company seems to be losing contact with the younger generation and has recently been trying to regain it with all its might. The company is investing heavily in its Xbox division and last year tried to take over TikTok and Pinterest without success.

Popularity of Discord surpasses gaming

Discord is hugely popular and is used more widely than applications such as Skype and the Xbox network’s communication capabilities. Discord’s popularity is now growing beyond the core of gamers. The platform was originally built as a way for gamers to talk to each other while playing video games but is now being used as a central platform where entire communities come together. The platform is also gaining popularity outside of gaming circles, with even professionals becoming enamoured with its text and voice communication capabilities.