Logitech unveils whiteboard camera Scribe

Logitech unveils whiteboard camera Scribe

Logitech announced a new AI-powered whiteboard camera product for classrooms and hybrid office applications, named Scribe. Scribe is what Logitech came up with to mimic whiteboard sessions for virtual teams.

The board is viewable in real-time, with the AI camera making the presenter transparent and automatically enhancing the lines drawn to make them clear and readable. Scribe is also able to detect content that’s not digital, like Post-it notes.

Where Scribe comes in

Scott Wharton, the GM, and Veep at Logitech Video Collaboration, said that the company has worked passionately to solve the problem of adding high-quality audio and video collaboration in rooms and remote desktops.

However, he adds, there is a gap in the integration of non-digital content like whiteboard and Post-its in virtual meetings.

He says that Logitech Scribe is necessary since it takes advantage of what people already know how to do. By picking up a marker and drawing on a whiteboard, the remote experience is so enhanced that it feels like users are actually at work with their colleagues figuring things out.

Scribe is available

The product is available in some markets, starting at $1,199. Its camera works with Zoom Rooms, as well as Teams Rooms, with Zoom appliances support slated for after launch. For most video conferencing services, Logitech said that Scribe can work as a standalone USB content camera when hooked up to a laptop or PC.

Logitech, a well-known manufacturer of accessories and peripherals, has seen strong growth and rallying sales across its portfolio of core products, as the pandemic forced people to shift to remote work and online classes.