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In a bid to prepare for a post-pandemic global economy, SAP has unveiled ambitious plans to create a business network connecting millions of customers across their supply chain networks

SAP, the software industry giant, is extending its digital transformation offerings to five different vertical markets. This move combines vendor logistics with intelligent service for better analytics.

From then to now

In January of this year, SAP launched ‘Rise With SAP,’ an assortment of services and software offered for the price of a single subscription. It was designed to assist their customers with digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives.

The different packages included the SAP Business Network Starter Pack, Business Technology Platform cloud credits, S/4HANA Cloud application software suite, business process intelligence software, and other services and tools.

Now, SAP has rolled out Rise with SAP for vertical industry applications. The service and software packages are specifically for businesses operating in the utilities, consumer packages goods, automotive, industrial machinery and components (IM&C), and retail industries.

Other additions

SAP has also introduced Rise with SAP for ‘Modular Cloud ERP,’ which includes pre-configured and pre-integrated line-of-business modules operating on one platform through a single data model. They also offer bespoke solutions that enable ‘Human Experience Management.’

SAP partners

SAP partners, including Capgemini, Deloitte, and Accenture, are helping them develop Rise with SAP and additional services.

Brian Duffy, the president of SAP, told viewers in a CRN interview that, “This is a partner-led engagement that we’re driving here.” He also stated the Rise with SAP is meant to bring simplification to their clients and business. This model allows their clients to use a simplified cloud commercial model easily.

Capgemini, an IT company, has used its resources to aid SAP in increasing its value and supporting its clients’ businesses being transformed with bundled industry cloud services.