Microsoft announces new updates for One Note web app and Teams

Microsoft announces new updates for One Note web app and Teams

OneNote web app is getting new improvements. According to Microsoft, the new improvements include enhanced copy and paste functions, tweaks on background picture setting, the capability to modify the sizes of embedded videos, new mode switcher, improved zooming capabilities, backtracking features, automatic inking for Edge and Chrome, and enhanced sharing of links within Teams.

However, these improvements will not be implemented all at once. While some have rolled out, others are marked as “upcoming”.

Some improvements are not entirely new

Some of the announced OneNote updates are not new. For instance, Microsoft hinted at the improved inking capabilities in 2020 when it announced the consolidation of its native Windows OneNote applications.

Previously, there was Windows 10 OneNote app and OneNote app in Office from the Microsoft Store. Then there was the web app, which is getting the updates now, and Microsoft’s native OneNote apps for iOS and Android. However, the shift from Windows 10 to Windows 11 complicated the OneNote consolidation efforts.

Explaining the new improvements

In a blog post published by Microsoft, the OneNote web app’s mode switcher will allow users to edit and view OneNote documents; they will be able to switch between editing and viewing mode as they do in other web apps such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

The copy/paste updates allow users to paste lists and tables from external sources to a OneNote page while keeping the source format. Users now will be able to paste from the context menu in Chrome and Teams by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the text only.

The zooming features, which are accessible under the View tab, include the drop-down menu for scaling up or down content. Shortcuts to execute this include Ctrl – , Ctrl 0, and Ctrl +.

The improved linking feature enables users to share OneNote content from chats or channels in teams.

As the user starts to type a message with a OneNote link, Teams will send alerts in case the message recipient’s access to the file is denied. The user can then click on the file preview to manage file permissions easily without leaving the chat message, according to Microsoft.