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BigID’s new capabilities improve the classification, labeling, curation, cataloging, and cleansing of AI training data. This will build more security mechanisms into Microsoft Copilot.

With this, BigID is expanding its capabilities quickly. Earlier this week at the RSA Conference, it announced dual-scanning for cloud-native workloads. That expansion, like the targeted Copilot announcement, is intended to strengthen its platform for monitoring regulated, personal, and sensitive information.

To improve the quality of training data from Microsoft Copilot, BigID fundamentally uses scanning techniques. These techniques enable new insights into sensitive information, even in encrypted and unstructured data sets, for developing more secure and reliable AI models. Microsoft Copilot is one example, but BigID’s new features can also enhance other models. A careful cleansing process ensures that high-quality data is used, producing more accurate and reliable AI model output.


Users can leverage BigID’s classification technology in this process. In doing so, BigID partners with Microsoft so that users can benefit from accurate and standardized classification and labeling through the governance solution Microsoft Purview. This allows security policies to be implemented, which should improve Copilot’s overall security.

Finally, the collaboration with Microsoft should enable organizations to efficiently find, folder and manage sensitive personal data from Microsoft solutions. Using BigID for this can simplify compliance with privacy laws and guidelines.

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