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Deloitte developed a platform that allows governments to modernise public healthcare. The platform is built with Salesforce’s Work.com solutions.

With the platform, consultants want to assist governments in getting residents and employees back to work in a safe way after the current corona crisis. The solution must provide insight into how the health ecosystem functions with the use of data.

In addition, the platform must be able to allocate resources so that an environment is created that allows a safe return to the workplace. Furthermore, the platform must have the right communication tools to reach and inform the public.


The GovConnect platform is a platform with which governments can develop a roadmap and test cases. Salesforce’s Work.com solutions include CRM and mobile functionality, combined with integration capabilities with the systems and devices of employers, employees, visitors to public buildings, vendors, and campus environments.


Important features of the platform include disease spread monitoring capabilities, and vaccination records to share information about public health care, CRM functionality for contact research and follow-ups for these researches.

The platform also features an application that allows for streamlined disease testing policy and execution. In addition, the platform can indicate which technical requirements are required.

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