Tableau to integrate with Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics

Tableau to integrate with Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics

Tableau CRM will become the integrated analytics bridge within the Salesforce Customer 360.

Tableau announced on Tuesday that it is combining its software with Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics offering. The new platform, called Tableau CRM, appears to be the payoff resulting from Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau last year.

That $15 billion acquisition was the largest in Salesforce history. Analysts believe that now we can see why the deal was worth it.

“By bringing together the Tableau and Einstein Analytics teams earlier this year, and tapping into the power of the overall Salesforce ecosystem, we are putting rocket boosters on our innovation and accelerating our mission to help people see and understand data,” Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky said in a statement.

AI predictions added to Tableau thanks to Einstein Discovery

Mark Nelson, Tableau’s EVP of Product Development, explained the integration process. “Our first step is bringing the predictive modeling capabilities of Einstein Analytics into the Tableau platform. With Einstein Discovery in Tableau, we’re introducing new, dynamic machine learning-powered predictions, explanatory insights, and recommendations to Tableau.”

He added that these capabilities will be available sometime in 2021.

“Our next step includes data access capabilities that make it easier to access data managed in Tableau or in Salesforce, from within either application,” Nelson wrote in a recent blog post.

“After AI and data interoperability, the next focus area will be to unify the content authoring experience,” he continued. “This will enable people using Tableau or Einstein Analytics to create analytics content only once, that can then be consumed anywhere.”

The end goal of the Tableau CRM launch will be to give customers a seamless experience, according to Nelson. This includes visual exploration inside of Tableau as well as applying AI and machine learning techniques for predictive modeling.

Customers can then publish the results in Tableau, in Salesforce, or embedded in portals and applications.

The company will announce pricing for Tableau CRM at launch.

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