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ServiceNow will shortly release a suite of mobile apps that allows companies to monitor real-time progress of digital transformation processes.

The news is reported by The Register, based on conversations with Paul Flipps, ServiceNow VP of Customer and Partner Excellence. According to the Register, ServiceNow will soon release several mobile apps that enable business leaders to track the progress of digital transition processes in real-time.

Extension of ServiceNow Impact

The mobile apps should complement ServiceNow Impact, a recently announced support product. Impact consists of AI, solutions, best practices and templates that enable companies to use various metrics to monitor the progress of digital transformation processes, both large and small.

These services differ from ServiceNow’s traditional services, which focus on creating and using workflows to automate business processes.


The mobile apps should help monitor and adjust the ROI that ServiceNow workflows deliver. The apps track key performance indicators in real-time. In this way, managers have a clear view of a company’s digital transformation progress, the results, and necessary adjustments.

The mobile apps will initially be available for ServiceNow’s HR and ITSM solutions and applications. ServiceNow reportedly intends to make the apps available for other environments in the near future.