‘Large majority of organizations do not adequately secure data’

‘Large majority of organizations do not adequately secure data’

A whopping 89 percent of organizations fall short when it comes to data security. At the same time, nearly nine in ten IT leaders expect data protection budgets to grow faster than IT spending overall.

Veeam reports the numbers following a recent survey. According to IT decision-makers in the Benelux, the data protection capabilities of their organization cannot keep up with demands. Almost all IT decision-makers see a gap between the amount of data they can lose after a failure versus the amount of data backups being made. In the past year, the gap increased by 13 percent. The challenges of data protection are undoubtedly increasing.

Last year, cyberattacks were the second-largest cause of downtime. 66 percent of organizations in the Benelux had to deal with at least one ransomware attack last year. Veeam speaks of an alarming frequency and impact. Organizations were only able to recover 29 percent of their data per attack. According to Veeam, this indicates that data protection strategies are insufficient for data recovery following an attack.

Increase budgets

Veeam sees opportunities to close the gap between data protection capabilities and the growing threat landscape. Veeam advises organizations to spend six percent more on data protection than other IT investments. Although this doesn’t solve everything, it can show that a CXO recognizes the urgent need for modern protection.

Furthermore, the study states that 70 percent of Benelux organizations use cloud services as part of their data protection strategy. In addition, half are running containers or plan to do so in the next 12 months.

Platform diversity will continue to increase. In this regard, the deployment of data centers and cloud servers is becoming increasingly balanced. It’s is one of the reasons that 27 percent of organizations view the ability to protect cloud-hosted workloads as the most important factor for enterprise data protection deployment in 2022. Two in five IT decision-makers believe IaaS and SaaS capabilities are the most important features of modern data protection.

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