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Google halts development of Vision Pro competitor

Google halts development of Vision Pro competitor

Google has stopped developing its own Virtual Reality (VR) glasses in the form of Project Iris. This writes The Insider. The tech giant is now said to focus more on the underlying software rather than the headset itself.

The recently introduced Apple Vision Pro VR headset will not currently be facing competition from rival Google in the form of its own VR glasses. According to The Insider, the tech giant recently halted an ongoing project to develop its own VR glasses, Project Iris.

Project Iris was supposed to produce VR glasses that, like the Vision Pro, resembled ski goggles. Google obtained the technology and expertise for this project from acquisitions of startups, such as smart glasses specialist North in 2020.

Unknown reasons

The reasons for stopping Project Iris are unknown. Well, The Insider indicates, there have been many layoffs and reorganizations at Google recently, and Google’s head of AR and VR, Clay Bavor, stepped down in February.

More focus on software

Instead of Google now developing its own high-end VR glasses, the tech giant is said to be focusing more on the software needed for this. This is in the context of the collaboration with Samsung and Qualcomm on VR and AR announced earlier this year . The glasses from Project Iris were part of this.

More specifically, Google is now said to be working on an Android XR platform for a headset from Samsung. In addition, the tech giant is said to be working on a “micro XR” platform for smart glasses. The latter platform has been codenamed “Betty,” according to sources.

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