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Western Digital is coming out with enhancements to its OpenFlex platform for data centers. The company says customers are increasingly leaning toward NVMe over fabric (NVMe-oF) as a fast storage solution, for example, to accelerate AI workloads.

The storage company is enhancing data center offerings with OpenFlex Data24 3200, a “fully integrated NVMe-OF storage platform” that couples the speed of NVMe with shared storage solutions. Data is shared over Ethernet cables, making the new product applicable to many existing servers and applications.

To shape a software-defined architecture, WD also offers “future-proof” RapidFlex FBDs. This should allow the Data24 3200 platform to handle six hosts without the use of a switch.

New SSD also announced

Western Digital simultaneously announced the Ultrastar DC SN655, a PCIe Gen 4.0 SSD available with capacities of 3.84 TB, 7.68 TB or 15.36 TB. Security methods are also selectable: SE, ISE or TCG Ruby.

“Disaggregated NVMe storage is becoming a reality along with exponential data growth. Therefore, data architects need reliable and trusted SSDs and simplified NVMe-oF solutions to future-proof storage strategy and deliver uncompromising performance at scale to meet ever-changing workloads,” reveals Kurt Chan, VP and GM of Western Digital’s Platforms division. “By combining RapidFlex and Ultrastar in Data24, Western Digital offers organizations a transformative, future-proof way to share flash and create more value for their business.”

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