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Repair bill tackles software that shortens the life of devices

Repair bill tackles software that shortens the life of devices

The European Parliament is making some adjustments to the earlier proposed repair law. The addition should make electronic devices last longer and give consumers more options to repair broken devices themselves.

The European Parliament wants to add a list of things manufacturers are not allowed to use to the repair law. This list will include software that negatively impacts the life of electronic devices by software tampering with certain product features. Products which contain anything from this list will not be allowed on the European market.

Furthermore, companies will be required to clarify the green initiatives they undertake. This also applies to packaging, as a third party must verify the sustainability seals a manufacturer uses.

No set date

The European Parliament is still in discussion on the drafting of the repair law. There is no clarity yet on the law’s entry into force. The hope would be a date before the European elections in June 2024. The European Commission already officially proposed the law in March 2022.

For these additions, the European Parliament and the European Council already came to an agreement, the announcement confirms.

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