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Intel has begun to establish an AI PC ecosystem. With the Intel AI PC Acceleration Program, the company aims to harness the future potential of the AI PC.

The Intel AI PC Acceleration Program will be supported by the laptop-based Meteor Lake CPUs coming out in December. The program should enable AI on more than 100 million PCs by 2025.

Partners through the Intel program will have access to the Intel AI toolchains, co-engineering capabilities, hardware, design tools, technical expertise and co-marketing that should begin to accelerate the arrival of AI PCs.

All these tools and capabilities should help partners take advantage of the new Intel Core Ultra processor technology. This should optimize the performance of AI and ML solutions, develop new use cases and make more connections in the broader PC industry.

Content creation

The program promises new capabilities for audio effects, content creation, gaming, security, streaming, video collaboration and more. Initial partners joining the Intel program include Adobe, Audacity, BlackMagic, BufferZone, CyberLink, DeepRender, MAGIX, Rewind AI, Skylum, Topaz, VideoCom, Webex, Wondershare Filmora, XSplit and Zoom.

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