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The Energizer Hard Case P28K promises to last a week with regular use on a fully charged battery.

Maker Avenir Telecom is presenting the phone this week during MWC. The battery also means Avenir Telecom can share several statistics on how long the phone lasts on a charge. In addition to a week with regular use, the Hard Case P28K can support 122 hours (just over five days) of talk time. If the smartphone is on standby only, a full battery charge lasts 2252 hours nonstop. That’s about 94 days.

Avenir Telecom supplies a 36W charger with the smartphone. With this charger, the battery would be full within an hour and a half.

Heavy phone

The battery capacity also means that Avenir Telecom is launching a phone with an unusual weight and size. The phone weighs 570 grams and is 27.88 mm thick. By comparison, the new Samsung Galaxy S24 weighs 167 grams and is 7.6 mm thick. This makes the Hard Case P28K more than three times heavier and thicker than a regular premium phone.

By the way, it is not conceivable that the Hard Case P28K will be used daily in the same way as a high-end smartphone. This is because Avenir Telecom has an IP69 rating, which gives the phone the highest possible protection against dust and water. That makes the smartphone suitable for construction sites, for example, where charging points are scarce.

The specifications are otherwise minimal. The phone features a MediaTek MT6789 processor, 8 GB of operating memory, 256 GB of storage, Android 14 and a 6.78-inch 1080p LCD.

The Hard Case P28K will be available from October for 250 euros.

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