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At Amplify Partner Conference 2024, HP unveiled the Workforce Experience Platform (WEX), which helps CIOs optimize workforce devices.

The new platform builds on Workforce Central, which appeared as a new fleet management tool last year. With it, IT managers have an environment for configuring, monitoring and managing HP devices. WEX is intended to add to that as a “digital experience platform that unlocks the full potential of the workforce and transforms employees into an unstoppable force of growth.”

Monitor and automate

HP is bringing together several services and innovations at WEX. First, the platform comes with new AI models. The platform can make personalised technology recommendations based on employee usage patterns and needs. The model uses personas to include what an employee needs for their job.

In addition, WEX can monitor endpoints. HP says the platform has a “seamless integration with existing multi-OS and multi-vendor environments.” Through these integrations, the Workforce Experience Platform should be compatible with computers, peripherals, printers, and videoconferencing solutions of any brand.

To achieve task automation, HP is strengthening its collaboration with Microsoft. WEX will integrate with Copilot so that the chatbot can help with faster task completion. The platform also has features for automating support requests.

The last interesting feature of the platform focuses explicitly on measuring and improving staff experience. From WEX, it is possible to coordinate the deployment of questionnaires, revealing how satisfied employees are with their digital setup.

Extend lifespan

During the conference, HP announced that it has updated its Device Life Extension Service. Users can use this service to return or send a PC to an HP partner to improve performance and extend functionality. The HP partner performs diagnostics, removes data, cleans the device, improves performance and performs updates.

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