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Logitech comes with fix for APIs for her IoT hub

Logitech comes with fix for APIs for her IoT hub

Logitech has announced a fix for the issues end users may have with its Harmony Hub for IoT applications since a recent firmware security update that shuts down remote APIs. The fix should especially satisfy end users with self-developed APIs.

The peripherals manufacturer recently updated its Harmony Hub application, which transforms smartphones or tablets into a remote control for entertainment and home IT solutions, with a new security firmware update. The reason for this update was that an external cybersecurity company had determined that the Harmony Hub had a potential security risk via external APIs based on the XMPP protocol. Logitech then decided to disable all these external APIs with the firmware update.

Also custom build APIs closed

However, the update also made sure that all custom build APIs of end users were no longer able to access the Harmony Hub and that the associated applications were no longer usable.

Logitech pointed out to its customers that the update would also hit custom build APIs, indicating that the Harmony Hub firmware was never designed for custom applications. In addition, the manufacturer stated that the safety of all users of the IoT system takes precedence over that of individual users with their own modifications.

Protest leads to temporary fix

The release of the update led to a lot of criticism from end users. This led to workarounds being developed and shared in a short period of time. All criticism led to the manufacturer now meeting end users with a temporary fix.

The now released fix consists of a beta version of an XMPP program that ensures that end users still have access to their own control systems for their devices. At the beginning of January, Logitech wants to roll out a new firmware release for all Harmony Hub end users. This final update should solve all problems once and for all.

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